MICHA'S METALSHOW vom 30.06.2014, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 23.06.2014, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • The Len Priece 3: Nobody knows
  • The Boys: 1976
  • Black Lung: What it takes
  • Camper Van Beethoven: It was like that when we got here
  • Sun Kil Moon: Pray for Newtown
  • Pea And The Pees: Why don’t you come back to me
  • Pork Chop Party: Walking backwards
  • Cloud Nothings: I'm not part of me
  • Against Me!: Transgender dysphoria
  • The Vagoos: The devil of me
  • Generators: Perfume & poison
  • Pixies: Indy Cindy
  • The Afghan Wigs: Royal cream
  • The Staches: Song they taught us
  • Kavalierstart: Kavalierstart
  • The Boys: I’m a believer

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 16.06.2014, 20-21 Uhr:

  • Chesne3Vom: Pool (Iran)
  • Los Robbins: La sirena (Honduras)
  • The Great Wilderness: Vonnegut (Costa Rica)
  • Los Peores De Chile: Mal boy (Chile)
  • Tijuana No: Gente (Mexico)
  • Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys: Dark Eyes (Japan)
  • Fifty Foot Combo: Dr. Hammond’s private stash (Belgien)
  • Alkaloides: Ella viene del futura (Ecuador)
  • Just Colours: Gonna make her mine (Niederlande)
  • Attaque 77: Un beso y una flor (Argentinien)
  • Beatniks: Alligator hat (Brasilien)
  • Los Flippers: Demuéstramelo baby (Kolumbien)
  • The Underdogs: She is la (Portugal)
  • Leningrad: Tanzy (Russland)
  • Mujeres: Far away (Spanien)
  • Colonel Jolly Of Essex: Come on England (England)
  • Kim Jung Mi: Wind in the trees (Südkorea)

MICHA'S METALSHOW MIT "METAL MIXTAPE VOLUME 13" vom 02.06.2014, 20-21 Uhr:
  • Danzig: Long way back from hell
  • Mos Generator: Breaker
  • Conan: Foehammer
  • Pet The Preacher: Remains
  • The Unguided: Inception
  • Deftones: My own summer (shove it)
  • Rob Zombie: Rock and roll (in a black hole)
  • Volbeat: Maybellene i hofteholder
  • Dog Eeat Dog: Hell yeah!
  • Ignite: My judgement day
  • Motörhead: Rock out
  • Massendefekt: Endlosschleifen
  • Disturbed: Inside the fire
  • Sonic Syndicate: Jack of diamonds

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 26.05.2014, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Wolfmother: She got it
  • The Amazing Shakeheads: Testifying time
  • xBomb factory: Same surrender
  • The Black Keys: 10 lovers
  • The Black Keys: Turn blue
  • Boy: Never break us down
  • Black Lung: Mind is lost
  • Eels: Goodmorning bright eyes
  • Wolfmother: New crown
  • The Staches: Shoes on
  • Camilla Sparksss: I’ll teach you to hunt
  • Motorpsycho: Cloudwalker (a darker blue)
  • Fluten: Sur l’eau
  • Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples: Neanderthal beat
  • Jake Bugg: Strange creatures
  • Helmholtz Resonators: Shadow

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 19.05.2014, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT "QUERBEET: NEUES & ALTES" vom 12.05.2014, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • The Cramps: The crusher
  • Snøffeltøffs: Park boys
  • Olive’s Hairy Custard: Big chunks
  • Motorpsycho: For free
  • Screaming Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends: Wailing sounds
  • The Sore Losers: Girls gonna break it
  • Nick Cave And the Bad Seeds: The Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane
  • Dead Kennedys: Police truck
  • P.I.L.: Terra-gate
  • Stragula: Love will tear us apart
  • The Valkyrians: Mongoloid
  • Wipers: Up front
  • Dead Moon: Hey Joe
  • The Chikitas: Drive me anywhere
  • Sparkles: No friend of mine
  • Sivert Høyem: Inner vision

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 05.05.2014, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 28.04.2014, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Prima Donna: Tattooed love girls
  • The Black Angels: Sunday evening
  • Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen: Das Unglück bin ich
  • xBomb Factory: We spend the money we make
  • Margate feat. El Hefe: Rock'n'roll reserve
  • Howler:Don't wanna
  • Johnny Cash: Out among the stars
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Vad hands med deem
  • The Blue Angel Lounge: Melloch
  • The Razorblades: Are you ready for a rock'n'roll weekend?
  • Bonsai Kitten: Take it easy but take it
  • The Baboon Show: The history
  • Nataraja: St. Christof
  • END: Adrift
  • Limb: Twelve ghosts
  • Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove: Revolver
  • The Black Angels: An occurrence at 4507 South Third Street
  • Die Alten: Die Zeit

  • I Am Heresy: March of the black
  • Meshuggah: I am colossus
  • Dying Fetus: Second skin
  • Five Finger Death Punch: Stranger than fiction
  • Fear Factory: Powershifter
  • Divine Heresy: Failed creation
  • Black Label Society: My dying time
  • Ill Niño: Te amo
  • The Graviators: Keep 'em coming
  • The Contortionist: Flourish
  • Chimaira: Destroy and dominate
  • Massacre: As we wait to die
  • The Oath: All must die

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT "KNASTMUSIK" vom 14.04.2014, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Johnny Cash: Wanted man
  • The Zombies: Care of cell 44
  • Hank Williams: My son calls another man daddy
  • Tendagan Badut: In jail
  • George Goss: Ain't no honky tonk in jail
  • Billy Bragg: Rotting on demand
  • Discharge: State violence state control
  • Pintandwefall: Jail
  • Sam Cooke: Chain gang
  • Dropkick Murphys: The auld triangle
  • The Adverts: Fate of criminals
  • Graham Nash: The prison song
  • Doc Watson: Columbus stockade blues
  • Stragula: Folsom prison blues
  • The Cramps: Jailhouse rock
  • Irish Traditional: Jail song
  • Toots & The Maytails: 54-46 was my number

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 07.04.2014, 20-21 Uhr: