• Novelists: The light, the fire
  • Type O Negative: Summerbreeze
  • Currents: Night terrors
  • End Of Green: Emptiness / lost control
  • Alazka: Emtpy throne
  • While She Sleeps: Science speaks
  • Tankard: One foot in the grave
  • Miss May I: Shadows inside
  • Spoil Engine: Disconnect
  • Wednesday 13: Condolences
  • Life Of Agony: World gone mad
  • Rings Of Saturn: Inadequate
  • Korn: Black is the soul

STRAGMANN MIT NEUHEITEN vom 19.06.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Thee Vicars: Don' try to tell me
  • Suicide Generation: Suicide generation
  • Isotopes: D.O.A
  • Litterbug: Here to stay
  • Perdition: Degeneration
  • The Amazons: Stay with me
  • Gran Noir: Lost at home
  • Es War Mord: Unterwegs
  • Duct Hearts: Cera
  • Sun Dial: Regenerator
  • Cox And The Riot: Wolves
  • Furious Few: Nothing again
  • Cromonic: Another world
  • The Tidal Sleep: Poisons
  • Mercyfox: Dead white doves
  • Fotoform: If you fall
  • Archie And The Bunkers: You're my pacemaker

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 12.06.2017, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN MIT "(NEW) WAVE" vom 05.06.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Ultravox: Artificial life (“Ha! Ha! Ha!”, 1977)
  • Martha And The Muffins: Echo beach (“Metro music”, 1979)
  • Magazine: Shot by both sides (“Real life”, 1980)
  • Colin Newman: Order for order (“A-Z”, 1980)
  • Slight Seconds: Puppet on a string (Compilation “Waiting room”, 1980)
  • Fischer-Z: Batallions of strangers (“Red skies over paradise”, 1980)
  • New Order: In a lonely place (“Movement”, 1981)
  • Bauhaus: Lagartija Nick (“The sky's gone out”, 1982)
  • Theatre Of Hate: The hop (“Revolution”, 1983)
  • The Damned: Shadow of love (“Phantasmagoria”, 1985)
  • The Sisters Of Mercy: Walk away (“First and last and always”, 1985)
  • Skeletal Family: Promised land (12”, 1985)
  • Killing Joke: Love like blood (“Night time”, 1985)
  • Clan Of Xymox: She's dangerous (“Breaking point”, 2006)
  • Pink Turns Blue: Walk away (“Ghost”, 2007)

  • Soundgarden: Rusty cage
  • Soundgarden: Searching with my good eye closed
  • Soundgarden: Jesus Christ pose
  • Temple Of The Dog: Hunger strike
  • Soundgarden: Black hole sun
  • Soundgarden: Spoonman
  • Soundgarden: Pretty noose
  • Audioslave: Like a stone
  • Audioslave: Be yourself
  • Chris Cornell: Nothing compares 2 u
  • Chris Cornell: You know my name
  • Audioslave: Wide awake

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT "MONSTER GARAGE HITS" vom 22.05.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Express: Waistin' my time
  • The Creatures: Ugly Thing
  • Bait Ones: I was a teenage creature
  • The Gruesomes: Serves you right
  • Steve King: Satan is her name
  • Larry And The Blue Notes: Night of the sadist
  • Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages: All black and hairy
  • The Electras: Dirty ol' man
  • The Morlocks: Dirty red
  • The Last Word: Sleepy hollow
  • The Sweet Acids: That creature
  • The Incredible Staggers: Little sister
  • The Maggie's Marshmallows: Come along
  • Round Robin: I am the wolf man
  • Tea Cozies: Muchos Dracula
  • The Lords Of Altamont: Soul for sale
  • The Spaceshits: Can't fool with me
  • The Frantics: Werewolf

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 15.05.2017, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEHEITEN vom 08.05.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Giöbia: What have you done
  • Litterbug: Prozac zombie
  • Dankeschatz: Pathetisch
  • Grombira: Selma
  • Cyanide Pills: Stop and search
  • Dirty Fences: Sell the truth
  • Giöbia: Silver machine
  • The Wooden Sky: Swimming in strange waters
  • Dirty Sound Magnet: The sophisticated dark ages
  • Samsara Blues Experiment: Eastern sun & western moon
  • Animal House: Sour
  • Bedroom Eyes: After i was a kid but before i grew up
  • Day Wave: Untitled
  • Samsara Blues Experiment: Vipassana

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 01.05.2017, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT "VIVE LA FRANCE" vom 24.04.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • France Gall: Poupée de cire, poupée de son
  • Bulldozer: J'suis punk
  • Les Olivensteins: Euthanasie
  • Attentat Sonore: Punx with brain
  • Les Betteraves: J'veux pas travailler
  • Hugues Aufray: Santiano
  • Hector Et Les Médiators: T'es pas du quartier
  • Vibromaniacs: Suzie's trip
  • Nino Ferrer: Le téléfon
  • Les Thugs: Gone
  • Zabriskie Point: Zabriskir
  • Bonobo Circus: Je n'marche pa droit
  • Marousse: Emmenez-moi
  • Collection d'Arnell-Andréa: Isolation
  • Electrosexual: Lay my eye
  • Marie Et Les Garçons: Rien à dire
  • Cristal: Les yeux fermés

  • Ignite: Bloody sunday (U2)
  • Betty's Love Child: The trooper (Iron Maiden)
  • Machine Head: Message in a bottle (Police)
  • Bar Feeders: Blackout (Scorpions)
  • Death Stars: White wedding (Billy Idol)
  • Uunderground Moon: Beds are burning (Midnight Oil)
  • Graveworm: Losing my religion (R.E.M.)
  • Hellsongs: Walk (Pantera)
  • Michelle Darkness: Sound of silence (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Ii Flames: Land of confusion (Genesis)
  • Treponem Pal: Radioactivity (Kraftwerk)
  • Sinergy: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (ABBA)
  • Korn: Another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd)
  • Tankwart: Sternenhimmel (Hubert Kah)

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 10.04.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • The Sword: Maiden, mother & crone
  • Clowns: Dropped my brain
  • Brad Pot: Your fault
  • Electric Moon: The loop
  • Litterbug: Damage is done
  • Exploding Eyes: Something critical
  • The Vagoos: Fidget
  • St. Kitts Royal Orchestra: Abra kadabra
  • Bentrees: Dead sheep
  • The Vagoos: No rock on Mars
  • The Pidgeon Detectives: Lose control
  • Sauropod: Headphones
  • The Godfathers: Some reaction
  • Wire: Diamonds in cups
  • Electric Moon: Astral hitch hike

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD MIT "SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT" vom 03.04.2017, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer