STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 17.05.2021, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 10.05.2021, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 03.05.2021, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Greenleaf: Tides
  • Motorpsycho: The waning pt. 1
  • The Black Keys: Crawling kingsnake
  • Astral Magic: I was abducted
  • King Buffalo: Hebitation
  • Astral Magic: Rocking with the aliens
  • One Tape: Nichts für dich
  • Mirror Of Haze: Merry go round spinning
  • The Pighounds: Rutger Hauer
  • Hercegovina: Fleeting celebration
  • Killer Kin: Narrow mind
  • Spiral Drive: Hyperflow
  • Lustmord & Karin Park: Perihelion
  • The Mark Inside: Whatever doesn't kill you can still leave you crippled

MICHA'S ROCKDINER MIT "BLACK ROCKS" vom 26.04.2021, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Zeroscape: Indigo
  • Bad Brains: Sacred love
  • Killswitch Engine: The end of heartache
  • Mother's Finest: Piece of rock
  • Living Colour: Cult of personality
  • Jimi Hendrix: Purple haze
  • Danko Jones: My little RnR
  • Skunk Anansie: Selling Jesus
  • Body Count: Body Count's in the house
  • Hirax: Bombs of death
  • Sevendust: Ugly
  • Oceans Of Slumber: A return to the earth below
  • Suffocation: Liege of inveracity
  • Stuck Mojo: Violated
  • Sepultura: Sepulnation

STRAGMANN & HR. KAZMAIER MIT NEUHEITEN vom 19.04.2021, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Panic Shack: Who's got my lighter
  • Get Jealous: Lipstick
  • Sick Thoughts: Drug rock
  • Knoxville Girls: 50 feet high, 50 feet deep
  • Blessings: The hound
  • Dunbarrow: In my heart
  • Lea Porcelain: Ohio
  • Yagow: The mess
  • Billy F. Gibbons: West Coast junkie
  • Liquid Sound Company: Black light corridor
  • Monster Magnet: Mr. Destroyer
  • Mt. Mountain: Second home
  • The Vintage Caravan: Crystallized
  • The Lathums: Oh my love
  • The Lathums: Foolish parley

MRS. FREE & MR. DEAD vom 12.04.2021, 20-21 Uhr:

STRAGMANN MIT NEUHEITEN vom 05.04.2021, 20-21 Uhr: Flyer
  • Black Honey: I like the way you die
  • Baby Strange: I want to believe
  • Sick Thoughts: Poor boys
  • The Routes: Broken goods
  • Marva Von Theo: Ruins
  • A Swarm Of The Sun: These depths were always meant for both of us
  • Mono: After you comes the flood
  • Suzi Moon: Special place in hell
  • The Cavemen: Schizophrenia
  • The Mark Inside: Shark attack (I can see them circling)
  • Part Chimp: It's true, man
  • Spodee Boy: Dress the part
  • Mogwai: Ritchie Sacramento
  • Oslo Tapes: Space is the place